Turtle Run – Review (5 out of 5)

Turtle Run 11 _ Game Review

If you’re looking for a really quick game while waiting for a youtube video to load, or an anime episode to buffer, no stories, no achievements and not to be bothered by trying to get all the upgrades, well, here’s one!

About the Game

Turtle Run, created by Mausland Entertainments, uses a turtle character to speed through a straight course until you get to the ocean by running (or driving a car at some points of the game) and trying not to get squashed by, ummm, giant baseballs falling off of coconut trees as if they were coconuts…  ^_^

Turtle Run 3 _ Game Review

Usually depicted as slow poke, a turtle shows fast he can go... ^_^; And how strangely baseball can grow from coconut trees...

Game Controls

Simple game controls and only involves 3 buttons — Arrow Left, Arrow Down and Arrow Right.  Arrow Left to go backwards (I don’t think I’ve used that ever in the this game), Arrow Down to duck or hide inside the shell (to avoid the falling coco-baseballs), and Arrow Right to go forward (of course).

Turlte Run 4 _ Game Review

Try to duck/cover at the very last millisecond and as soon as it's safe, go forward. Those really quick and last minute maneuvers will shave off a couple of seconds or milliseconds from your total time.


Avoid getting squashed by baseballs, an get to the ocean in the shortest time possible, submit your score and be proud ^_^ – if you’re one of the top 10 players…

Turtle Run 5 _ Game Review

Here's when you've successfully avoided the baseball.

Turtle Run 12  _ Game Review

And here's what happens if you either pressed arrow down too late or you got out of the shell too early... 😦 Poor turtle...

Turtle Run  _ Game Review

There are a couple of times in the game when you get to ride a car. Nothing you need to do here but just keep pressing forward. You won't get smashed by the balls... ^_^

Game Time

The game takes a little over 30 seconds to finish (depending on how quick you get to the finish line).

Turtle Run  _ Game Review

My best score so far... You can submit your names and scores...

Turtle Run 10  _ Game Review

Oh yeah! Got 3rd! I know the 1st and 2nd places' scores are a lot better... ^_^ It's still nice to be part of the leaderboard!

Overall Rating

I love this game!  It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s challenging and the animation is not bad at all. Although it’s really simple, it can be quite addicting.  It’s also a game I can go back to a few months after playing it the first time, just to challenge myself again.

Game Boots Rating: 5 out of 5


Happy Gaming!


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